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You'll find some great information and tips here, but you'll also be surprised by some of the topics and techniques that are covered on our website. We take a broad view of treasure hunting, so while there are pages on metal detecting and ghost towns, there are also ones on searching for lost diamonds in parking lots and other ways to make profitable discoveries of many sorts. If there is something valuable to be found and taken as your own, I consider that a treasure.

Treasure HuntingWhy not join an actual treasure hunt game in Colorado, with valuable treasures and prizes? You'll be tracking down clues in some of the most beautiful locations in the west. Even better, it's absolutely free to join the hunt.

Note: Since starting this website a few years ago, we have moved to Florida and I am no longer able to monitor the clues to make sure they are still there. As a result, it may not be possible to complete our challenge using the information found here. But rest assured that if you give it a try, you will see some beautiful places, and if you find enough of the clues to win some of the minor prizes you will still be able to claim them (and my email address will always be available on the contact page).

To get started, see the following pages: The Clues and The Rules and The Prizes.

Treasure Tips, News, and Featured Pages

When You Pan for Gold Matters - The timing of your search for gold matters, especially in areas that have other prospectors out there in the streams. Winter freezes cause gold in rocks and earth to break lose and migrate into streams, so early spring is a good time to check. Also try after large storms, as soon as the river or creek has settled down enough to work in it.

Buried Treasure at the Dump - James Howells, of Newport, Wales, threw out his computer when it was damaged, forgetting that he had the encryption key on the hard drive for 7,500 bitcoins. The digital currency was only worth a few hundred dollars at the time, but the current value is $7.5 million. He knows which dump the computer was sent to, but has no idea where in the many acres of trash it might be. The landfill operator is not allowing people to treasure hunt there at the moment, but with that kind of money on the line Howell might be able to get investors to fund an organised (and safe) dig that would be approved.

How to Find a Secret Stash - Updated February 2014 - People have always hidden money and valuables and will continue to do so. These treasures are lost and forgotten for many reasons, but there is one primary cause: death. People stash things and never think to tell anyone that they have done so or where their hiding places are located. And then they die. Both death and secrets are more common than we like to think. With nobody knowing about the existence of a stash or at least nobody knowing where... Continue reading here...

Three Ghost Towns - You can find ghost towns in every country in the world and probably every state in the United States. For many people visiting a ghost town holds a fascination that is incomparable, perhaps because these towns hold within their deserted buildings and neglected gardens a sense of our past. Here are three of America's most interesting... Continue reading here...

Here's a fun video I found on YouTube by Rick McKeon, showing some of what he found during the course of his first year treasure hunting. He also demonstrates how to clean up some items, whether coins for spending or other items that can be sold...

Find This Buried treasure!

Forrest Fenn hid millions of dollars' worth of gold and gems, and he is inviting treasure hunters everywhere to come and find it. At 82 he figured it is time to start giving away some of what he has accumulated over the years. As of spring of 2013, nobody has yet found the treasure chest containing the fortune. It is thought somewhere in the mountains of his home state of New Mexico, and as explained in one television report and interview, there are clues in a poem that Fenn wrote.


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Finding Cash and Treasures - Some more ideas for locating forgotten stashes.

Adventures in Ghost Towns - Three worth seeing in the U.S.

Treasure Hunting Tips - Where to find old and valuable coins.

How to Find a Secret Stash - And other hidden treasures.

Buried Stashes - An excerpt from one of my ebooks.

Hiding Money - This will give some ideas on where to search.

Urban Treasure Hunt Ideas - Close to home adventures.

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San Juan Mountains Hunt - An old mine at 12,000 feet, and gold?

Cave Creek Cavern Hunt - A unique cave, mines and mountains...

The Old House - You'll start in an abandoned house, occupied only by birds and cows.

Colorado National Monument Hunt - Sandstone holds the clues.

The Phantom Canyon - This hunt will have you crossing streams and climbing hills.

Metal Detector Operation - How metal detectors work and how to choose the right one.

Secret Codes - How secret codes are made, and how they are broken.

Basic Code Breaking - A more complete lesson on how to break them

Treasure Hunters and Their Secrets - A few techniques plus tips on developing the right mind set.

Metal Detecting - The Best Places - One particular type of location - a secret of treasure hunters.

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Want to Know a Secret? - How about many useful and fascinating ones? Get my free e-course on Secret Information. Details...

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